Blue Flower

Blue Banditos Guild Members

Name Race Class Spec Points
Anstert Human Rogue DPS 9305
Bjornworg Worgen Priest Healing 13620
Bluewitch Pandaren Mage DPS 13590
Drasham Draenei Shaman DPS 15745
Dril Human Paladin Healing 12050
Graliant Human Rogue DPS 12055
Halaia Draenei Priest DPS 8820
Icybluballz Night Elf Mage DPS 13710
Kithalia Human Priest Healing 9375
Remdorsworld Draenei Paladin DPS 9195
Saiix Worgen Rogue DPS 8820
Samoanbro Pandaren Warrior DPS 13120
Tonimacaroni Human Paladin DPS 2855
Zeikiel Human Monk Healing 9605

Welcome to Blue Banditos World of Warcraft Guild Website

We are currently a casual Arena and PVP guild on Sargeras. Check your game calendar for weekly RBG's. PVP gear, Ventrilo and you required. Help the guild and our RBG's by recruiting players to fill out our team.

All friendly players welcome. Great guild for leveling and comradery too!

Looking for guild leaders and officers. If you need help figuring out your class, talents or what spec you should take contact Icy in game. If you are interested in helping contribute to this website, register and login and contact Icy using this sites contact form.